915/5000 Motif Yapı Corporate
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Motif Yapı which is one of the leading companies of the sector was established in 2002 in Bursa. Turkey's well-established and experienced provider of product sales and construction and decoration of the leading brands in the world and support. Bursa serves its customers with its 800 m² showroom, 4000 m² open-closed storage area and private parking lot. With its branch established in Mustafakemalpaşa in 2016, it serves its customers with its 1000 m² showroom, 2000 m² closed storage area and private parking lot

Mission & vision

Our mission is based on customer satisfaction: customer demands; by using its resources correctly and effectively, at the desired quality and at the planned time, with competitive prices at minimum cost, with the support of our employees, and to provide customer service at the highest level.

Sunday in "remains systematic and efficient employees are standing firm" which is the idea of being a business enterprise that produces professional solutions for Turkey and take their deserved place in the world market.

DELIVERY PROBLEM Motif Building guarantee, trouble-free shipment, trouble-free installation.
PRODUCT QUALITY Permanent product quality, under the sensitivity of Motif Construction, with you.
FAIR PRICING We always guarantee happy customers, with fair pricing.
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